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E-Courses Requirement

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In today’s world, the internet evolved into a truly world wide communications medium. This in turn had an effect in the way we communicate with each other, the way we conduct business, and the way we interact. Educational institutions are not immune to such changes. The roles of faculty and students at institutions of higher learning are changing. Traditional face-to-face classes are giving way to online settings where the materials such as course notes, assignments, and lecture notes, are all one click-of-the-mouse away. The e-learning opens the door to a new dimension in the educational process. Blended, learning, interactive learning, distant learning  and others became available with the emergence of the new technology.


Recognizing such change, Cairo University decided not to be outpaced by the new available technologies. The University established the Electronic Learning Center as a culmination of years of preceding efforts in that field, with a mandate to positively utilize the new available dimensions in the educational process to improve the service provided to our students.

Requirement to produce an e-course.